Source: Nworeport

Posting on his popular Facebook page, Stone Cold Truth, longtime Trump advisor and NYT bestselling author Roger Stone has promised to call lead Russian Collusion Delusion proponent Adam Schiff to the stand in his upcoming trial.

Stone has railed against members of Congress for using their congressional immunity to leak and lie in relation to the Mueller probe or parallel Senate and House investigations. Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and fellow California Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell have been two of the biggest leakers and liars on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. They have both used their positions repeatedly to snipe at Stone with unfounded statements or leaked out-of-context half-truths to mainstream media reporters in an effort to turn the American public against Mr. Stone and President Donald Trump.

Schiff was recently exposed for having a secret meeting with Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson, who authored the now debunked “dossier” on Trump, which reads more like Resistance fan fiction than a serious investigative report with actual evidence.

Getting people like Adam Schiff, and hopefully others like Eric Swalwell on the stand would require them to be truthful about their targeted misinformation campaign against the President of the United States and high-profile allies who helped him defeat their handpicked puppet Hillary Clinton.

While they are able to hide behind congressional immunity to grandstand on cable news and in committee hearings, there will be no room for such games in an actual court of law. If you want to see hypocrites and Russia hoaxers like Schiff held accountable for their crimes against American democracy, donate to Roger Stone’s legal defense fund and lets place them under oath!