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Rogers Threatens to Negotiate with Dems If the 20 “Terrorists” Don’t Vote for McCarthy

Posted BY: M Dowling

Two days ago, Rep. Mike Rogers threatened to remove committee assignments from the rebels fighting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.

He’s at it again.

He’s now calling the rebels “legislative terrorists who have no problem killing the hostage.”

Warmonger Rogers, who expects to be given the very important chairmanship of the powerful House Armed Services Committee, said if the 20 “belligerents” won’t do a deal for Speaker, they’ll start negotiating with Democrats next week.

If they do that, they will blow up the Party.

Rogers, who sided with Jim Comey over Donald Trump, said if there were no path, Republicans would negotiate “across the aisle.”

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“You don’t negotiate with terrorists,” he said.WOW! So, Lauren Boebert, Chip Roy, Byron Donalds, and the others are “terrorists” to Mainstream Republicans?

Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans ready to destroy other Republicans? He also has a delightful sense of humor and promised them something for their votes.
“Oh, we’ll give them something. One thing about votes in the minority: they’re always rentable. Sometimes they’re expensive, but they’re always rentable,” he said snidely. Well, we know he’s for sale. He sold his soul to chair the Armed Services Committee and continue his warmongering.“And so that’s why I say I hope next week

we come back – you’ll find a lot of us will – we’ll either see there’s a path, or we’ve got to go across the aisle,” Rogers told DailyMail.com while fellow Republicans were battling inside the House chamber.

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