Actress and activist Rose McGowan speaks at OZY Fest in Central Park on Saturday, July 21, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Source: Breitbart News 

Actress Rose McGowan defended her tweet in which she apologized on behalf of the U.S. to Iran for “disrespecting their flag and people” after a U.S. military airstrike killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the country’s top general.

“I don’t support Iran over America. I want America to be better,” McGowan The Associated Press. “I woke up, I stupidly looked at Twitter. I was going to the bathroom, and I was like, ‘what?’”

Rose McGowan apologized to Iran following the airstrike.

“Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us,” the Scream actress said in a late-night rant.

Thanks a lot, dickhead,” McGowan tweeted at President Trump before attempting to explain how “it is only logical to appeal to Iran’s pride by apologizing.” 

“Of course #Soleimani was an evil evil man who did evil evil things. But that at this moment is not the fucking point. The United States is morally corrupt and acts illegally. It is only logical to appeal to Iran’s pride by apologizing. I’m taking one for the team. #TeamStayAlive,” the actress-activist said about a man who was personally responsible for the murder of thousands of innocents both in Iran and in neighboring countries, including hundreds of Americans.

Rose McGowan faced outrage over her Twitter rant, with some suggesting she move to Iran. McGowan acknowledged that her tweet was unusual.

“So, I just thought I would do something a little strange or unusual … bloodshed should be avoided if you can,” she said. “And I kind of just thought, what if I take a really bizarre way around this. A very strange thought, I understand.”

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