Watch Live: Minuscule Turnout for Anti-Trump D.C. Protest ...


Source: Breitbart News

Roughly 6 to 7 leftwing activists are “rising up” on Capitol Hill Monday “to urge action to impeach, remove, indict and jail President Trump.”

The event, co-hosted by 12 different leftwing groups, is being billed as a “daily gathering,” attracting more than 230 Facebook RSVPs, with more than 1.4 thousand additional people “interested.”

“Trump’s crimes against the Constitution, our democracy, our humanity, and our future make him utterly unfit to serve as president,” explains the “Swarm the Swamp” event description.

Monday’s event is set to begin at noon Eastern outside the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. Organizers plan to continue every day “for an indefinite period.”

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