Source: Joe Hoft

A report of the results of the New Hampshire ‘audit’ is expected to be released soon.  Based on the auditors selected and the work completed, don’t expect much.

According to the Washington Examiner the audit results of Windham, New Hampshire could be released as early as today.

But don’t expect much from this audit. We reported previously that the work performed in the audit was by biased auditors with a scope so limited that they wouldn’t come up with accurate results of the 2020 Election in Windham County if they tried.

We uncovered in subsequent reports that Harri Hursti, the apparent lead auditor in the Windham audit, was involved with activities at the UN regarding US elections in 2018.

We put together how the UN and other entities colluded to make sure President Trump was prevented from winning in the 2020 Election. Hursti was part of this group:

So based on Harri Hursti’s recent past and the lackluster attitude taken in Windham County (he took his shirt off and walked around in a white T-shirt looking like lost at times) don’t expect much from the Windham audit report. 

New Hampshire’s people are going to have to stand up to their politicians and demand a real forensic audit of all the ballots in the state to get to the valid results in the 2020 Election.