Posted BY: Thomas J. Bruno

A harebrained scheme coming out of municipal governments nationwide is the idea of “partnering” (you have to love the language creativity they employ) with solar energy co-operatives. I live in the beautiful (formerly red, then purple, now unfortunately blue) state of Colorado. The co-op being offered here is with Solar United Neighbors (SUN). Partnerships like these are being launched with much fanfare.

What is the purpose? Municipal officials say that it is to “demystify” solar energy and to “educate” residents about the virtues of going solar. Huh? Where is the mystery? A few minutes on the ‘net will answer just about all questions about solar energy. And always beware when leftist politicians say they only want to “educate” you.

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Let me say that I am not against solar power. Two years ago, I installed a photovoltaic (PV) system on my house. Honestly, my biggest reason was that I thought it prudent to take money out of my equities and invest it into my house when Biden became president. Turns out I was on target in that respect. But, beyond that, my electric energy costs since installation are about $30 per month, no matter how hot or cold (I pay the grid connection fee and, of course, the governor still wants his tax).

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