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Top pro-Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov is demanding a brutal Stalinist response to ‘plunge Ukraine into dark times’ and round up all Russians against the total war in the wake of the humiliating hit on the Crimean Bridge.

Alluding to an enemy within, Solovyov called for a return of the notorious Stalin-era SMERSH counter-intelligence to crush all internal opposition to a full-scale war against Ukraine.

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SMERSH, whose motto was ‘Death to Spies’, was a conglomeration of counterintelligence agencies used by Stalin to root out and obliterate those trying to subvert his regime during and after World War II.

‘It’s time to remember Soviet military training and act decisively and creatively,’ Solovyov said.

‘Not responding to the enemy’s actions, but breaking their plans, striking unexpected blows in directions where the enemy is not expecting them. 

‘Ukraine should be plunged into dark times. Bridges, dams, railways, thermal power plants, and other infrastructure facilities should be destroyed throughout Ukraine.

‘The country should switch to a military mode – entirely. This should include SMERSH making a return,’ Solovyov declared. ‘Everything for the front, everything for victory.’ 

Meanwhile, a pair of Russian governors spoke of their desire for revenge following the attack on the Kerch bridge connecting Crimea to mainland Russia, with one deputy claiming that devastating Sarmat missiles will target Ukrainian cities. 

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