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Footage shows the moment a 13-year-old boy was fatally shot by police after he hijacked a car and hit the officers’ squad vehicle in San Antonio, Texas. 

Andre ‘AJ’ Hernandez was driving a stolen Toyota Corolla and threw the car in reverse, hitting the cops after they approached on June 3, 2022. Newly released clips from the fateful night now show the teen being shot. 

He was shot by officer Stephen Ramos, who was responding with a partner to reports of gunfire involving the red vehicle. He fired once, wounding Hernandez in the abdomen. This shot turned out to be fatal. 

It was later revealed that officer Ramos had killed a man just months before shooting 13-year-old Hernandez – and the first victim’s family had described him as a ‘trigger-happy hothead.’ 

Ramos has not been indicted for either the first or second civilian death he was behind the trigger for. 

Following the release of the clip, Hernandez’s family claims that there was no way the car could’ve been going fast enough – and they argue the officers would have been able to see there were kids in the car. 

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