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Satanic subliminal messages in video games are no longer hidden.  They are out in the open.

Video game news site Push Square reported a new game called Deceit 2 will allow players to sacrifice their friends to demons and activate blood alters in order to “tear down the veil of reality”.

The new game is being categorized as a social survivor horror game that will be available for both the PS5 and PS4.

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Per Steam:

Deceit 2 is a 6-9 player social deduction horror game where two among you have been Infected. Whilst the Infected do the Game Master’s bidding, the Innocent must work together to escape the Ritual whilst deducing who is plotting against them. So who can you trust?

Infected players can activate Blood Altars located across the map, weakening the veil of reality until it breaks. This transports all players to The In-Between, a parallel dimension in which the Infected have terrifying powers. Infected players will wreak havoc and sabotage the efforts of innocent players, but can be eliminated if exposed outside of the In-Between.

Here’s a look at sadistic blood alter on the game:

The trailer is quite sinister too:

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