Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

With America’s Independence Day fast approaching, it is worth repeating that there is nothing wrong with pointing out and condemning government tyranny.  Doing so is not only a natural right but also a long-cherished American duty.  When we celebrate on July 4, we celebrate those who stood up to tyranny.  Never let Deep State defenders such as Bill Barr or Lindsey Graham hypnotize you into believing that criticism of the American government threatens the durability of American institutions.  It is government corruption that threatens those institutions, and only those institutions resilient enough to survive public scrutiny deserve continued life.

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Tyranny thrives in the absence of confrontation.  It depends on a conspiracy of silence when good people become too afraid to speak its name.  Do not fear directing an outstretched finger at the unjust machinery of the State.  Those quick to denounce free speech as “treason” are often the most deserving of blame.

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