How many of these people caught COVID at the hospital?

Source: Kelen McBreen

Proving the COVID “pandemic” to be a total scam, leaked data out of the UK shows 56% of alleged COVID hospitalizations were people who tested positive after going to the hospital for a different health issue.

NHS figures exclusively provided to The Telegraph allegedly show patients counted as COVID-positive by the British government were originally admitted to the hospital for separate ailments.

No wonder the UK requires a COVID test to everyone admitted to hospitals, they’re trying to pump up the numbers!

Essentially, while the individuals may have “had COVID,” it was not the virus that caused them to seek medical attention in the first place.

Have a broken foot and need to see a doctor?

Once you’re admitted to the hospital you have to take a COVID test, and if it comes back positive you are added to the list of positive hospitalizations despite the fact you were originally there for your foot.

Of the 56% of patients who tested positive after admission, 43% were tested within two days of being admitted and 13% weren’t tested for days or weeks.

So, how many of these “COVID positive” patients caught the virus while at the hospital?

In addition to testing those who were hospitalized for non-COVID reasons, the tests being used in UK hospitals are often rapid antigen tests.

Despite America’s FDA recently revoking emergency authorization for the Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test due to an inordinate frequency of false-positive and negative results, the UK just extended its emergency approval of the product.

Between faulty PCR tests and suspect procedures mandated by the NHS, the people of the UK should demand a full audit of all COVID-19 related data.