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(Natural News) In order to enter the United States from China beginning on January 5, travelers will have to show a “negative” covid test result, thanks to a new policy from the Biden regime.

Doing the exact same thing he previously criticized Donald Trump for doing, accusing the former president of “fanning the flames” of “hate, fear, and xenophobia,” fake president Joe Biden has decided that Chinese people are the only ones who need to keep playing the covid game into the new year.

In what appears to be another attempt at launching a worldwide scamdemic, communist China has ended its “covid zero” policy. We are told that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are testing “positive” for covid as a result.

The headlines now circulating are similar to those that started swirling around the internet toward the end of 2019 just prior to the official launch of the first covid plandemic. Is the next one now in the works?

Travelers to the U.S. from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau will soon be required to get swabbed, presumably in the nose (though at one point communist China was doing anal swabs), in search of covid germs. (Related: Remember when Biden wanted to deploy an army of brownshirt-style medical fascists to go door-to-door jabbing people for covid?)

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