Posted BY: Jeffrey Thomas

Here in the heart of Biden country, the average Democrat nervously ponders the Trump Republican, checking the room to see if he what he has to say is safe to say, almost whispering “I don’t get it. These MAGA types. They behave as if Trump is acting for their benefit?”

No one knows if he has someone specific in mind. What exactly is a MAGA type? He’s probably had an image instilled by Democrat propagandists who obsessively grouse about how un-American making America great again would be. Hitler liked Germany, so anyone who likes America is a Nazi, apparently. You have to criticize the country to prove you are sensible.

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Better yet, hate living here. There’s a prize for the most vitriol spewed. It’s the ‘again’ in Make America Great Again that chafes. Wasn’t America great before Trump ran for office? He must have been referring to the Obama administration, inferring that Obama made the country less great while in office. Only a racist would look at the mess and assume that the first Black president was responsible. It was those intractable Republicans who wouldn’t sign off on to full-blown communism, dammit! In contrast to Trump’s self-interest is Biden’s desire to train adults who graduated college to avoid responsibility for their debts by having college loans paid off to the tune of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Clearly there is no self-interest attached to creating even more helpless people dependent on taxpayer largesse.

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