The shapeshifting robot arm can break its body into smaller parts and move around obstacles.

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Today in “Nightmare Tales from 2023” scientists created a shape-shifting robot that can go from a solid state to a liquid state. This tells us that these scientists apparently skipped their childhood days watching “Terminator” and studied like the nerds they would grow up to be. Thank goodness, these brilliant folks are on the good side. Until ChatGPT meets it. Then, we’ll be looking at robot cops.

According to All That’s Interesting, scientists have taken inspiration from sea cucumber to create a shape-shifting robot that can move through rough terrain and squeeze into tight spaces. 

The sea cucumber’s body is made up of hundreds of tiny pieces that can rearrange themselves to pass through cracks in coral reefs. The team at the University of California, San Diego, has taken this idea and applied it to a shape-shifting robot arm. When faced with an obstacle, the robot arm can break its body into smaller parts and move around it.

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The bot is made out of several connected segments, each one with an embedded motor. When it encounters an obstacle, the motors work together to rearrange the segments so that they fit into small spaces or wrap themselves around obstacles. It’s like a shapeshifting robot snake that can change its shape depending on the situation.

The team is still working to make the robot arm more efficient, but they’ve already shown that it can be used in a variety of applications. It could be ideal for search and rescue missions, where it needs to fit into tight spaces and maneuver around debris. It could also be used to get John Conner and make sure he doesn’t exist even though Arnold Scwarzenegger is protecting him.

Additionally, researchers are also looking at using it for industrial automation applications where it a shapeshifting robot needs to be able to work in small spaces and handle delicate objects.

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