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The story about Moses parting the Red Sea has been one of the most popular biblical stories around the world. Although the incidents described in the story may sound completely fictional, scientists have shocked many people when they said that the incident might have occurred in real life.

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According to the story, Moses split the Red Sea and divided the waters to help the Israelites escape from slavery inflicted upon them by the Egyptian monarch. His followers safely escaped from Egypt to Israel. This incident is considered to be one of the most remarkable miracles in the Bible.

Naum Volzinger, who works as a senior researcher at St. Petersburg’s Institute of Oceanography, says that this incident might have happened in real life due to weather conditions. Volzinger and Alexei Androsov, his colleague based in Germany, calculated that a wind was blowing at the speed of 67 miles per hour and it sustained overnight. They say that the wind could have exposed a reef that existed close below the ocean surface.

The Israelites could have then fled over the passage before the wind died down. When the wind died down, the sea waters rose again and the Egyptiane soldiers could not catch them anymore. Volzinger told The Moscow Times that it would take 4 hours for the Israelites to walk across one coast to the other after walking along the reef.

Another study done by researchers from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Colorado in Boulder also says that the dry land bridge referenced in Exodus 14:19-31 was most probably created due to weather conditions.