Posted BY: Steve Apfel

You could say that Israel overdoes democracy. Governments are sworn in with head-spinning alacrity – 37 in 75 years, and elections exceed that number. This ought to be a consolation for critics outraged by what many call a “far-right” and “undemocratic” coalition. It surely can’t be too long before a moderate one, patched up and terminal comes to power.

Besides, a week is held to be a long time in politics; the government may defy the predicted plague on the house of Israel. For one thing, allies and investors could force moderation on it. For another, US Secretary of State Blinken has praised the election and promised that Washington will not turn on Israel, negating the hue and cry from sour grape opponents.

What is a crook and fanatic or two in government when not too many in the free world are better? The President of America heads a crime family, for heaven’s sake.  

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As regards elections, how many countries can better Israel in terms of free and fair? Not the US. The Twitter files courtesy of Elon Musk prove censorship and collusion to rig Biden’s 2020 narrow victory over Trump.  In short, why make Israel a lone wolf offender?

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