Source: Jordan Conradson

Scottsdale Unified School District board President Jann-Michael Greenberg was busted stalking parents and publicizing their personal information in a Google drive owned by his father and shared with other members of the district.

Greenberg previously accused concerned parents of being neo-nazis and used profane language against them in a public school board meeting.

Throughout the year, Greenberg’s father, Mark Greenberg was spotted by parents at school board meetings and rallies, photographing their cars and faces while wearing a motorcycle helmet to hide his identity. A video from the Google drive shows Mark Greenberg doing this on Aug. 24.

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His father is listed as the owner of the discovered Google drive that held the parents’ personal and financial information, including social security numbers, available to “anyone with a link”.

Anybody with the link to this drive could access the confidential information of these parents.

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Here is how parents found out their information had been publicized–

Parent Kim Stafford received an email from Greenberg accusing her of anti-Semitic comments, with a screenshot of his desktop, showing the Google drive URL.

Screenshot Sent By Jann-Michael Greenberg

The Google drive was deleted but The Gateway Pundit obtained a copy.

Independent NewsMedia reported,

The Greenburg’s deny any involvement or knowledge of the Google Drive in question, however, the active link to the site was made private around 11 a.m. Nov. 9, after Independent Newsmedia called the family.

The digital dossier is housed on Google Drive and contains content, including photos of district parents and at least one minor, personal financial documents, including professional certifications, and mortgage statements.

Rep. Andy Biggs shared a Daily Caller article detailing this disgusting behavior.

The images and documents in the drive targeted different parents and labeled them nasty terms under folders named “SUSD Wackos”, “Cieniawski and those jew donors.”, “Press Conference Psychos,” and “Anti Mask Lunatics”, to name just a few.

The drive exposes cyberstalking of targeted individuals and an archive of their private personal information.

Parent, Amanda Wray was one of their top targets.

SUSD issued a response to the parents telling them to suck it up.

Jann Michael will probably face no consequences for this horrific behavior and he will likely run again in 2022.

Primary the hell out of this monster.