Ellen Attempts to Do Her Best Impression for Alec Baldwin ...


Alec Baldwin took over as host of The Ellen Show Tuesday and played a sexually suggestive clip of children groping adults and Disney mascots, leaving many viewers uncomfortable.

A viewer was left feeling “physically ill” after watching the prerecorded episode of The Ellen Show in which Baldwin played the segment that featured children in sexually compromised positions.

The woman explained that without context the clip may seem relatively innocent but in light of recent allegations that are surrounding Ellen DeGeneres she is inclined to believe it must be some kind of “sick joke.

SausageRoll reports: As many people are just biding their time at home self isolating during the COVID–19 outbreak, some rather wild conspiracy theories about Hollywood celebrities have started to go viral.

The most recent conspiracy has even caught the attention of the Hollywood elite and two celebrities have already been forced to respond. These theories, however, aren’t new, they’ve been around for a while but are now starting to seep into the mainstream.

Many people shared her sentiments and thought the last episode was very distasteful considering the allegations. “Even if they aren’t true, is this the way to address it? To show a picture slideshow of kids groping adults at Disneyland,” she added.

The show kicked off with a joke about how Alec Baldwin had kidnapped her and tied her to charge, and gagged her. For a few brief moments at the start of the episode we get a glimpse of that.

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to controversy himself as he appeared to be a close friend of the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He also went too far with underage Nikki Reeds, then 16, on the set for the film Mini’s First Time.

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