Watch a massive meteor light up the night over France as it explodes through the sky.

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Those of us firmly planted on Earth have been no strangers to our fair share of oddities recently, with multiple UFOs finding themselves on a collision course with United States fighter jets and the bizarre fire tornado scientists spotted earlier this month on the north pole of the sun. The seemingly impending extraterrestrial takeover got a little too real for folks living in Europe as, over the weekend, a flaming meteor was caught blazing a path over countries including France and England. As any good citizen would do, those who captured the cosmic intruder quickly shared their videos on Twitter in two posts you can see below.

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The first video comes from a sighting that took place over Northern France and sets the stage with a city in the backdrop. Hazy white in appearance, the meteor quickly zips off into the distance, now sporting a colorful tail. Likewise, in the second clip, we can see the meteor darting across the sky in England, moving from a white glow to a full fiery orange and red as it moves above the tree line and shoots past the moon.

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