Source: Karen McKay

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got one thing right early in her political career when she declared that the Democrats would turn the whole country red. She was immediately corrected, but she was right in her color selection.

Who was the genius who colored Democrats blue and Republicans red on election maps? I can understand the Democrats wanting to hide their true colors, but why did the Republicans accept it?

Words have meanings. To an old Cold Warrior, the word “Red” means “Communist” and that’s what my mind locks onto when I hear it, and probably every other old soldier’s, too.  It is time to restore color correctness!

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What color was Hillary’s Red Button? The one she used to reset relations with Russia? What were the Red Guards and the Red Brigade? If you don’t know, look them up. Hint: they weren’t Boy Scouts.

How about the Red October? It isn’t a U.S. naval vessel. Red Dawn is not about a colorful sunrise.  Have you seen the movie Reds? Have you heard of the Red Scare?

Why is Moscow’s Red Square called “Red Square” and not “Blue Square?” Whose universal symbol is a red star? You’re probably too young to remember the Red Terror, but we’re seeing it again.  Who publishes the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper?  Why was Mao Tse-tung’s Little Red Book red? Why did Hitler choose red as the dominant color of the Nazi flag? Speaking of Ukraine, what was the Red Famine? 

Back in the ‘80s, I was invited to address the Socialist Internationale about the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The conference was held in a medieval Florentine palace. Three-story-high red banners draped the old building inside and out, every table was covered with red cloth. Red posters and red stars everywhere. The vast hall’s red atmosphere fairly pulsated and pounded the senses. (Amazingly, the conference was convened to condemn the Soviets for war crimes against the people of Afghanistan.)

In our own American Revolutionary war, the British were called “Redcoats” because they wore red coats (so they wouldn’t show the blood so much, said the wags.) Our side wore blue coats. In the American Civil War, the Union army wore blue coats. In military war games and maps to this day, the disposition of the enemy is presented in red, the U.S. side in blue. Which American political party always supports a strong military and peace through strength? Tip: the party with the elephant.

Why did the Cincinnati Reds change their name to the Redlegs?

In January 2022, Ukrainian Naya Lekht, a Russian scholar, published as essay: “The Unleashing of the Red Roar: Awakening Racial Consciousness to Stir a Revolution.”

Red says DANGER.

When a pilot sees a red light on his instrument panel, it’s a sphincter-puckering moment. In bookkeeping, debt is tallied in red ink — if your debt exceeds your assets, you’re in the red. Which American political party is into spend, spend, spend? Who do we look to for deficit spending?

Code Red in a hospital or weather report is never good news. If you’ve been red flagged by the government, you could be in deep doo-doo.

Who stands on the “Thin Blue Line” to protect us? What does the blue line represent on some American flags? Who backs our “men and women in blue?”

In short, good guys blue, other guys red. Our body politic has been gaslighted big time, and Republicans fell for the old color switcheroo. We can thank the New York Times, the paper that covered up the Holocaust and Stalin’s murderous crimes, for that. Smithsonian magazine explains how it happened in their 2012 (updated in 2020) article “When Republicans Were Blue and Democrats Were Red.”

The Communist Party’s banner is not blue — it is gloriously RED. How about the American Workers Party, which complains about “red-baiting,” while accusing Biden of not being Marxist enough? Their banner is defiantly red, too, as well as the American Party of Labor‘s hammer and sickle banner.

It’s disturbing that senators Graham and Kennedy in their recent campaign video for Kennedy’s reelection that they portrayed the U..S capitol and environs entirely in red. This is exactly what the Marxists are after. They’ve gaslighted us into believing that “Red is Good.”  Isaiah 5:20 applies here. So does Orwell’s 1984.

It’s time for the GOP to grow a pair. Stop allowing our adversaries to rule us by diktats. They started with telling us how we have to pronounce certain names: Beijing, not Peking. Mao Tze Dong, not Mao Tse-Tung. Holland does not threaten us for not calling the country De Nederlanden, nor does Germany demand we call it Deutschland. We’ve allowed the Arabs to control our Middle East policy concerning Israel. We acquiesced to the Chicom demand that we derecognize Taiwan in return for allowing us to recognize the People’s Republic of China.

Now we let them color us red. That diktat has only been inflicted on the country since the 2000 elections. Republicans: Maybe you can’t stop the media’s distortion of reality, but you don’t have to indulge Democrat color dysphoria! Stop allowing yourself to be painted red — call yourself anything else. It doesn’t even have to be a color. If you have put out your own color-coded maps, do them right. Better yet, if the Democrats won’t proudly take back the red (they should, now that they have removed the mask) then color yourselves as red, white & blue. The stripes on your maps will be striking! And appropriate.