Posted BY: Jim Hoft

The Biden regime is preparing to sign an agreement with the corrupt, China-led World Health Organization (WHO) that will give US sovereignty on health care decisions over to the WHO.

The COVID crisis was horrible and horribly managed. China to this day has not been held responsible. The WHO worked with China in predicting massive unfounded mortality losses while recommending shutting down entire economies. They have taken no responsibility for unleashing the lab-created virus on the world.

Those in the US who managed the crisis pushed dangerous economy-killing policies while they neglected to promote any organized treatment plan for those suffering from the disease. They closed down the economy while stuffing nursing homes in states like New York with COVID-contaminated patents. Actions recommended by individuals like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx caused widespread death.

Now Joe Biden is signing over US autonomy over our healthcare decisions to the WHO and therefore, China.

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Dean Michelle Bachmann joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to warn about the proposed amendments to cede US sovereignty to the corrupt World Health Organization.

On Saturday Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) was the first Republican senator to speak out on this atrocity.