Source: Joe Hoft

President Trump tweeted that he will not sign the Senate’s Defense Bill because it omits a clause to address Big Tech’s censorship of Americans.  This is why we love President Trump.

This is why we love this guy – the greatest President in a lifetime if not ever – President Trump.

We asked on November 15 whether Bid Tech and Big Media would be held accountable for their incredibly corrupt actions related to censoring good God loving and patriotic Americans:

Unfortunately the men and women in the US Senate have no idea how conservative Americans have been placed into a bucket and targeted and slandered and censored for sharing the truth.

President Trump is right.  Big Tech is being led by individuals and entities who don’t cherish this country or our rights.  The President has always stood up for Americans which is why he won the 2020 election in a landslide before Biden, Big Tech and Big Media attempted their steal.

Isn’t it interesting that Big Tech knew before this election that the steal was on?  But no, the Senate thinks this if fine!