(TNS) There are few more loathsome Democratic senators than Chris “Coronavirus truther” Murphy of Connecticut, as evidenced by his effort to lead colleagues in an effort to stifle GOP probes into Joe and Hunter Biden.


As reported by The Hill, Murphy wants an investigation into any Executive Branch agencies complying with Republican requests for information regarding allegations the Bidens may have treated Ukraine (and other countries) as piggy banks while Daddy Biden was VP:

In a letter sent to the inspectors general at the National Archives, State Department, Treasury Department and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Murphy expressed concern that the agencies are being “weaponized” by President Trump to hurt his political opponents. He argued that the same agencies refused to cooperate with “legitimate congressional investigations” into Trump, including ones focused on bringing articles of impeachment against the president. — The Hill

“I am deeply concerned that the National Archives and the Departments of State, Treasury and Homeland Security may not be applying a consistent test regarding inquiries made by Congress, choosing to comply with the requests that are designed to damage the president’s political opponents, but refusing to comply with requests into the activities of the president,” Murphy wrote. “This double standard threatens to make these agencies agents of the president’s political campaign, in contravention of federal law.”

Murphy called on the inspectors general at the various agencies to answer a list of questions on the matter by March 23. Among other questions, the senator asked the agencies to provide information on the extent of its cooperation with requests related to Biden, the son of former Vice President and leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. — The Hill

As we noted in November, citing investigative journalist ace Paul Sperry, three Senate committees launched probes into “Obama-Biden solicitation of Ukrainian election interference,” investigations that included Biden-related allegations of corruption. And, Sperry noted, the committees requested information from some of the same agencies targeted by Murphy and Democrats.

“BREAKING: No fewer than 3 Senate committees are now formally investigating Obama-Biden solicitation of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, as well as Biden family corruption in Ukraine. Investigators seek records from the DOJ, FBI, DOS, DOT and the U.S. National Archives,” he wrote.

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