800% increase in Chinese nationals illegally crossing

Posted BY: | Steve Watson

GOP Senator Josh Hawley charged Thursday that the Biden Administration has purposefully left the border wide open and isn’t making any effort to enforce immigration laws.

 “Frankly, what Joe Biden has done here is inexcusable,” Hawley told reporters, adding “he’s not even attempting to enforce the law. Just ask the Border Patrol.”

“Border Patrol will tell you they’ve had their legal authorities taken away from them. ICE will say the same. They’ve had their manpower reduced. They have been completely hamstrung,” Hawley continued.

“It is a completely open border. It is a huge national security threat,” Hawley added, noting “fentanyl is just pouring across the border, and it’s pouring into every school and community in my state.”

The Senator referred to the recent spike in encounters on the border with individuals on the terrorist watch list.

“Who knows, by the way, these are just the folks on the watch list that we’ve heard about. Who knows who else has actually come in ’cause we’re not even able to keep track any longer,” Hawley urged.

The Senator’s comments come as the latest CBP figures show that there were over 150,000 encounters with illegals in January.

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