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Senator JD Vance, a freshman Ohio Senator, has penned an op-ed at FOX News advocating for his “Freedom to Breathe” Act. This legislation prohibits unsafe and ineffective government mask mandates, particularly in schools and on public transportation. Vance contends that these mandates infringe upon personal freedoms and should be banned.

He also criticizes the Democrats, suggesting they will likely vote against the “Freedom to Breathe” Act. According to sources, Democrats allegedly consider implementing new mask mandates, a move Vance portrays as an attempt to control people’s lives.

Vance points to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent remarks on CNN, where Fauci called for increased mask usage due to rising COVID-19 cases. Vance accuses Fauci and others of seeking power and control above all else and pledges to prevent them from imposing mask mandates or trampling on freedoms.

The article highlights instances where mask mandates are being reintroduced, even in response to a few COVID-19 cases. Vance argues that such mandates are part of a cycle that begins with masks, leads to social distancing, and ultimately results in lockdowns, which he believes are ineffective and costly in terms of lost freedoms and national unity.

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Vance’s “Freedom to Breathe” Act seeks to prevent government-enforced mask-wearing on planes, public transit, and in public schools for the next 15 months. It also aims to prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars to enforce mask mandates. He clarifies that the bill does not restrict voluntary mask-wearing, allowing individuals to choose to wear masks.

In closing, Vance asserts that there is no robust, high-quality evidence supporting the effectiveness of masking in slowing the spread of respiratory infections like COVID-19. He argues that masks can have negative effects, including CO2 inhalation, harm to early childhood development, and speech and language disorders. Ultimately, he contends that masks often offer a false sense of protection.

Senator Vance’s “Freedom to Breathe” Act represents his stance against government mask mandates, emphasizing personal choice and skepticism about the efficacy of masks in controlling the spread of respiratory infections.