Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been one of the most vocal proponents of America First policies.

He has used his Senate pulpit to call attention to the U.S.’s relationship with China, especially on trade.

The recent Wuhan Virus pandemic has given American nationalists a golden opportunity to question globalism and trade with China.

However, for many globalists, the Wuhan Virus episode presents an opportunity to reinforce ties between the two countries.

Zachary Karabell of Wired even suggested that the Wuhan Virus “May Actually Reinforce US-China Economic Ties”, arguing that both countries need each other to brave through this crisis.

Hawley was not having any of it.

He tweeted, “Uh, no. When we beat this epidemic – and we will – we’ll have the opportunity to move supply chains out of China & fundamentally reform the globalized economy in a way that’s good for American workers & jobs. We must seize that opportunity.”

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