Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

As frequent readers will affirm, I’ve been wondering what has happened to our country and what the future holds for us.  I am angry at what we’ve lost in recent years through incompetence, slothfulness, and the deliberate destruction of the world’s most successful example of capitalism and democracy.  The Washington elites and, for that matter, the people who eat, breathe, and discourse politics nonstop are not your average American…the everyday person wants a shallow, easy existence with minimal government intrusion (except when it might benefit them), and that’s part of our problem.

Following is a list of ginned-up chaos that diverts the “average American” from understanding and then focusing on what is truly important, time-sensitive, and worth preserving — there will be pushback for calling out the cabal of Destroyers furiously rewriting the narrative of our lives.

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Godless countries such as North Korea, China, and even some Western democracies like the United States, fail to acknowledge the Creator in the form of an ethical code.  This growing phenomenon of blaming religion, then supplanting God’s majesty in favor of man’s laws and morals, threatens us through the government’s ever-growing reach to control us.  “Progressives” worldwide and religious theocracies like Iran and other Muslim countries seem fine with those who want the Judeo-Christian ethic driven out of the rest of us.

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