Draconian authorities are still determined to make an example out of a tennis star.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Authorities in Australia could still decide to deport Novak Djokovic despite him winning his appeal against having his visa canceled, while the tennis star’s family accuses police of planning to “lock him up.”

The entire farce, which began last week when border officials refused Djokovic entry to compete in the Australian despite him having a valid vaccine exemption, is still ongoing.

Last night, it appeared as though Djokovic had won the battle when Judge Anthony Kelly ruled that the world’s number 1 could remain in the country to defend his title and that border guard had been “unreasonable” and not allowed Djokovic enough time to plan an appeal.

However, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is insisting that he has a personal veto on the issue and could still decide to rip up Djokovic’s visa and put him on the next plane home.

Meanwhile, police swarmed the building in Melbourne where Djokovic and his legal team are based as the tennis player’s family warned that cops are planning to “lock him up.”

Police “want to capture and lock up Novak again,” according to his brother Djordje.

“The government was ordered to release the tennis ace within half an hour of the ruling, pay his court costs and return his passport and personal belongings,” reports the Daily Mail.

However, once again emphasizing how authorities are punishing Djokovic for not getting the vaccine, government lawyer Christopher Tran asserted that the government could still kick him out of the country and ban him for three years.

Public sentiment is turning in Djokovic’s favor as more people begin to realize that the Australian government is determined to deport the Serbian no matter what the law says.

Even Djokovic’s top rival Rafael Nadal, who initially took the side of Australian authorities, says the situation is a “circus” and that “justice has spoken and has said he has the right to participate in the Australian Open.”

As we highlighted last week, authorities clearly planned to make an example out of Djokovic over his beliefs on vaccination as a warning to others.

The tennis champ had his possessions, confiscated, was interrogated for 8 hours, woken up while trying to sleep, and subsequently forced to stay in a flea-ridden ghetto hotel full of illegal immigrants and criminals.