Source:Mark J. Fitzgibbons

National news media figure and multiple award-winning, straight-shooting investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has refiled a lawsuit against the federal government for illegally and unconstitutionally hacking her computers and trespassing at her home. It’s a whopper of a lawsuit, naming high-profile Deep State officials including Rod Rosenstein of Trump Spygate fame, the high-ranking Justice Department official who told colleagues he’d wear a wire to surreptitiously record Donald Trump at the White House when the Deep State coup was in its earlier stages.

Attkisson’s first lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice for failing to expressly name the government spies and conspirators who hacked her computers and remotely planted classified materials, obviously to set her up. The Department of Justice, where Rosenstein worked, had repeatedly obstructed Attkisson’s attempts to get information through litigation discovery. The court dismissed nevertheless, and even gave immunity to former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, whom Attkisson did name in her first lawsuit.

One federal court of appeals judge even called this dismissal of her lawsuit “Kafkaesque” given how well-nigh impossible it was for her case to proceed under our justice system’s rules and judicial interpretations rigged in ways that protect government lawbreaking. Sharyl described her first lawsuit and some of the shocking roadblocks used by the government to American Thinker readers here, and has even written a best-seller, Stonewalled, describing these events in greater detail. But as anyone following the news knows, the lawbreaking Deep State can’t even be shamed by exposure of its illicit deeds.

In her lawsuit refiled on January 10, Attkisson relied on a whistleblower who was actually involved in hacking her computers. He identified some of the other government officials complicit in the very disturbing spying on her. The refiled complaint quotes government forensics experts as being “quite shocked,” demonstrating some within the government Intelligence Community thankfully have consciences.

The spying occurred after she crossed the Obama administration with her unrelenting reporting on the gun-running scandal called Fast and Furious, then continued through her reporting on the Benghazi disaster, where a United States ambassador and three others stationed at the embassy in Libya were murdered while Obama and then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton failed to respond with help and protection.

The refiled suit meticulously describes the nightmarish facts of how her computers and home were electronically and physically invaded as if she were a real “enemy of the people” and the government was playing Mission Impossible. Forensic details were derived from numerous investigations, leaving the conclusions unquestionable. The spying was conducted using government proprietary spyware and a mysterious United States Postal Service Internet domain. The latter fact is highly relevant, as government experts explained. A multi-agency government spying unit in Baltimore under Rosenstein’s supervision used these techniques, and they were even employed without court-ordered warrants.

The new suit alleges that Rosenstein ordered the spying on Attkisson after directives — later exposed by Wikileaks — showed Obama officials John Brennan and Eric Holder were neck-deep in targeting journalists who were reporting on leaks about Obama administration scandals and lies. Holder’s press secretary even went to Attkisson’s then-employer CBS News complaining that “she’s out of control” with her reporting on these Obama administration scandals.

And it’s a small world, as they say, when it comes to Deep State corruption and spying on Americans. Another Defendant named in the lawsuit is Shawn Henry, who worked under Robert Mueller at the FBI and is now president of CrowdStrike Services. CrowdStrike is the company hired to review Democratic National Committee servers in a well-reported email leak scandal. Without actually examining the servers themselves, Mueller and the FBI curiously and negligently deferred to the findings of CrowdStrike that Russians hacked the servers despite assertions and evidence to the contrary.

The government sources with consciences told Sharyl’s lawyers that she is just one of hundreds of journalists or other American citizens who have been victims of such illegal spying. Her lawsuit rightly claims her case is about a “clear and present danger to our most fundamental protections.” That danger and the corruption behind it became even more pronounced last week when the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) appointed David Kris to oversee abuses of the FBI before that court. Thomas Lifson writes that “Kris is highly partisan; a Trump-hater; and, as part of the Lawfare blog, a strategist for the efforts to remove Trump from office,” and is “the last person in the world to fairly investigate mis- and malfeasance in the safeguarding of the rights of citizens when secret courts are asked to approve secret spying on them.” The Deep State is at war with the Constitution, and the cure for its lawbreaking and corruption will not come from the Deep State.

With no sign of the Justice Department and the rest of the Deep State relenting, and with a shocking absence of help from “free press” and civil liberties organizations, Sharyl is still financing this costly litigation on her own. This week I chipped in another $500 through the Sharyl Attkisson 4th Am Litigation GoFundMe page, where people can donate to help Sharyl’s fight for all of us.

I was especially at a loss for words that her GoFundMe total lags far, far behind the GoFundMe hauls for Deep State/Spygate bad guys Peter Strzok ($452,000) and Andrew McCabe ($538,000). So, if you see fit to donate, please do. Sharyl can use our help with this seemingly insurmountable fight.