Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker appeared before the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee for a hearing Friday morning.

Whitaker trolled Chairman Jerry Nadler right away when he warned the Democrat that his “five minutes is up.”

The trolling continued and Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas became frustrated with Whitaker.

Sheila Jackson Lee parroted Democrat talking points as she began to question Whitaker — Lee brought up the fact that Whitaker was never confirmed by the Senate then stupidly asked if he had ever appeared in front of an oversight committee — she demanded he only answer “yes” or “no.”

Whitaker refused to answer in a “yes” or “no” format so Chairman Nadler and Sheila Jackson Lee accused him of stalling to use up her five minutes.

Sheila Jackson Lee repeated her stupid question to Whitaker so he continued look around. At this point Sheila Jackson Lee got triggered by Whitaker’s trolling.

“Mr. Attorney General, we’re not joking here. And your humor is not acceptable,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said.

Even after Sheila Jackson Lee scolded Whitaker, he refused to answer in a “yes” or “no” format.

This is so epic. Whitaker knows that Bill Barr will be confirmed as Trump’s new Attorney General in a week or two so he’s mocking the Democrats.