Surveillance footage from the gym shows a woman briefly looking around before she falls flat on her face.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Viral footage out of Ecuador shows an exercising gym-goer suddenly collapsing and dying.

The woman in the footage, 28-year-old Betsy Dayana Jaramillo Ramírez, suffered a heart attack as she was performing squat exercises, the New York Post reports.

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After a few squats, surveillance footage from the Zona Muscular gym shows Ramírez momentarily looking around before she falls flat on her face.

More from the New York Post:

Other gym-goers, most of them women, rushed to help Ramírez. They sat her in the recovery position while continuously checking her pulse until paramedics arrived.

Ramírez was rushed to Santa Teresita Hospital but arrived with no signs of life. Doctors pronounced her dead upon arrival.

While the cause of Ramírez’s heart attack hasn’t been revealed, her death coincides with a pattern observed since the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, where otherwise healthy people all of a sudden faint, convulse, and sometimes die.

The prevalent phenomenon has been chronicled in the documentary, “Died Suddenly.”