Petition calls for people who publicly question 2020 election to be rounded up and jailed!

Source: Nworeport

Some Americans would like their fellow countrymen arrested for publicly saying the 2020 election was stolen, a new video from media commentator Mark Dice shows.

In a new man-on-the-street social experiment, Dice walks up to people asking for signatures on a petition that calls for Trump supporters who question the 2020 election results in public to be rounded up and arrested.

“We want to stop these Trump supporters from continuing to say that Joe Biden stole the election,” Dice tells a couple, egging them on.

Dice facetiously tells signees he’d like to see Trump supporters jailed for at least 30 days for discussing such views at Happy Hours or at the dinner table.

“You’re not allowed to say that on social media. It violates the terms of service, but we want to start arresting them because they’re still saying it out, in… offline. You know after the January 6 incident they banned anybody from claiming that there was election fraud on social media.”

“Motherfuckers,” a man signing the petition says, adding, “Fuck ’em.”

“We live in Arizona, so we get it,” the man tells Dice before walking away.

“Well, we’ll start arresting them and stop them one way or another. Thank you,” Dice tells him.

“I’m not sure what country they think they live in where they can say such things,” Dice tells another petition signer, who replies, “Right, I agree.”

“We’re going to have them arrested, because I’m not sure what they think gives them the right to be saying such things in today’s day and age.”

Fortunately, several individuals refused to sign the petition and asserted the proposals would violate the principles of free speech enshrined in the US Constitution.

“What will prevent us from locking up people that are of different opinions?” one woman who refused to sign told Dice. “It’s a very very slippery slope; you don’t want to go down there.”

Dice achieved similar results in a stunt pulled last week, getting signatures on a petition to arrest and jail unvaccinated members of society.