Source: Nworeport

‘Hitler would be proud of the Australian government.’Comes as Australian government announces policy to round up COVID-positive citizens into “quarantine camps.”

Disturbing footage from Australia appears to show authorities seizing a woman from the street and throwing her into the back of a paddy wagon, presumably over her vaccination status.

The video shared on social media shows women screaming at the police while they forcibly carry the woman into the back of the van.

“This is an indigenous elder! You are committing cultural genocide!” one woman screamed as the police wrestled with the elder.

“You’re all gonna pay for this!” another bystander yelled at the cops as the woman is forced into the back of the vehicle.

It’s unclear exactly where or when the footage was taken, but given the extraordinary lengths the Australian government is now going to restrict citizens’ rights in the name of fighting COVID, it was likely taken recently.

This comes amid the Australian government announcing last week that the army would begin rounding up COVID-positive citizens – including aboriginal tribes – into “quarantine camps” in the Northern Territories, regardless of their vaccination status.

Totalitarianism isn’t coming — it’s here. And America is the next target.