Is this the “white supremacy” against Asians the media keeps talking about?

Source: Nworeport

Disturbing video out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin shows a group of Black Lives Matter thugs intimidating patrons of an Asian-owned nail salon.

The footage shows a gang wearing Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee jackets hollering at patrons of Jade’s Nails about “disrespecting the black community.”

“Look at him runnin’,” one BLM militant says to the Asian owner. “Why you runnin’?

The man continues to berate the owner for allegedly calling the police on one of their members.

“You disrespecting Black Lives Matter!” he shouts. “I’m here to tell you that’s going to stop!”

“He disrespects black women by calling them ‘bitches’!” continued. “That’s gonna stop! Do I make myself clear?”

The stunned owners try to avoid the confrontation but the BLM leader continues to harass them as the other members chuckle in the background.

“What’s your name sir? Look at him run and hide, he runnin’ and hidin’,” he says. “You ever disrespect a black woman again, we gonna shut you down.”

The group then began chanting “No justice, no peace” before leaving the establishment.

In recent weeks the mainstream media has been quick to generate a false narrative that white people are targeting Asians over COVID-19, but FBI statistics and a plethora of other news items show blacks commit more crimes against Asians more than any other racial group.