Brazilian runner Daniel Do Nascimento slowed to a walk before unexpectedly falling onto the pavement with only five miles to go. Was it the vax?

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

A Brazilian runner held a sizable lead at the 2022 New York City Marathon over the weekend before suddenly collapsing more than halfway in.

Daniel Do Nascimento, 24, was doing astonishingly great throughout the first half of the marathon Sunday, at one point having over a two-minute lead on his runner-up adversary.

He even had time to use the restroom without losing too much of his lead.
But around the 21-mile mark, with only five miles to go, things took a turn for the worse as Do Nascimento slowed to a walk before unexpectedly falling onto the pavement.
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The fall cost Do Nascimento the race, as the second-place challenger, Kenyan runner Evans Chebet, quickly overtook him and went on to win.
According to, who spoke with Do Nascimento’s agent, the runner collapsed due to low blood sugar and dehydration.
“The problem was that he underestimated the humidity and the warm[th] of NY today and in any case he open[ed] too fast,” the agent told LetsRun, adding he also had “diarrhea due to something he drank during the race.”
“He got a bad experience and he is a very aggressive boy but when you are 24 years old and only 4 marathons finished you can make a big mistake,” she stated.
The temperature the day of the race was reportedly 68° Fahrenheit with a high of 72° and a dew point of 61.
Do Nascimento had also previously collapsed during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed until July 2021 due to the pandemic.