CDC scientists complain of corporate influence

Source: True Pundit

In a shocking discovery, the Thomas Paine Podcast reveals the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is scheming to grab your children’s immunization records under the decoy of conducting a ‘voluntary survey.’ CDC representatives cold-called Thomas Paine for the survey and, after being worked over by the veteran journalist, the ensuing revelations prove beyond alarming for all parents and guardians of anyone under 18 yrs. old. Listen to the call for yourself. Listen above.

Just what does the CDC plan to do with your child’s immunization records? The sky is the limit in today’s current medically-panicked police state, especially if children — from toddlers and teens — do not have their ‘proper’ shots, per CDC goons.

Keep kids from attending school? Cut off or increase your health insurance coverage? Show up your front door? Alarming information with troubling repercussions.