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This is the shocking moment a female Colombian TV presenter collapsed on the studio floor in the middle of a live broadcast.

Elianis Garrido suffered a medical episode while co-presenting the show Lo Sé Todo (I Know Everything) on the state-owned Canal 1, in Colombia.

In dramatic footage from the broadcast, 35-year-old Elianis is seen holding her face as her co-presenter speaks, before suddenly falling off her chair and onto the floor.

As she hits the ground, the studio springs into action. A man who had been standing behind the cameras is shown throwing his papers to the floor as he runs over to his colleague’s aid, leaning down to check on her.

Co-presenter Ariel Osorio quickly gets to his feet and calls for an ad break before also rushing over to check on his colleague.

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The footage captured on the overhead camera jumps some moments ahead to show five more people – including her co-presenter – gathered around the prone Elianis, helping her in to the recovery position.

After Elianis was rushed to a medical centre, Ariel told viewers that she had suffered ‘respiratory problems.’ In a direct address to her mother, who always watches the show, he said: ‘Everything is fine, Eli is perfect.

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