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Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a murder suspect simply ran out of an Oregon courthouse after sheriff’s deputies unshackled him.

Ed Villalobos, 28, was scheduled to stand trial on February 27 for allegedly stabbing his mother’s partner before knifing an unrelated man just two hours later and leading police on a pursuit that lasted hours back in 2021.

But when a sheriff’s deputy unshackled both his wrist and ankle restraints, as required under Oregon’s woke laws, he stood up, pushed a chair in, and made a run for it, through the hall and past the Staff Only doors.

He did so after deputies left a clear and obvious route of escape.  

Police were only able to once again catch up with him after a two-hour-long manhunt when someone reported that a man was trying to break into an apartment.

Villalobos is now back in custody and will face additional charges for his attempt to flee.

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