When the data is so bad that it betrays the desired narrative, honest companies will adjust to the numbers. Dishonest companies like Pfizer will simply manipulate the numbers to match the goal.

Posted BY: Teresa |NwoReport

Source: JD Rucker

Pfizer’s court-ordered compliance with a FOIA request has resulted in tons of damaging data being dropped every month. Their Covid-19 “vaccine” research, development, and implementation were pocked with warning signs that the drugs were neither safe nor effective.

But the most recent release may be the most damning of all as it not only reveals the drugs are unsafe, but that Pfizer tried to cover it up by manipulating the numbers. It’s so blatant that it’s highly unlikely it was just an error.

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Life News reported their study included 270 pregnant women. The first 34 had outcomes reported, but the numbers were so hideous that they did not follow the remaining 236 test subjects. Considering they were on the verge of the greatest pharmaceutical windfall in history, Pfizer decided it was better to run away from a problem rather than reveal it further.