More evidence linking the Royal Family to late billionaire pedophile was revealed during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.

Source: Jamie White

A revealing photo that emerged from Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial shows the socialite with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein cuddling at Queen Elizabeth’s log cabin retreat.

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The never-before-seen picture shows Maxwell and Epstein lounging outside Her Majesty’s Balmoral lodge in Glen Beg, Scotland, where Prince Andrew reportedly hosted pedophile Epstein in 1999.

Prince Andrew’s close relationship to Epstein has been documented through Epstein’s travel logs to Pedophile Island in the Caribbean as well photographs at Epstein’s apartment in New York City.

More pictures have also been released during Maxwell’s trial that shed light on her close relationship with Epstein, including photos of Maxwell giving him a foot massage on his infamous private jet dubbed “Lolita Express.”

59-year-old Maxwell is accused of grooming underage girls for Epstein and her to abuse his various sprawling properties. She’s pleaded not guilty to all six of her charges and her trial is expected to last until early January.