Posted BY: Edward Mike

Should it be Trump or DeSantis in 2024?  The answer lies in these four words: Form Always Follows Function.  For example, if you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you must consider where the vehicle will typically be driven and for what purpose.  If you would buy a new rifle, you must consider what you plan to shoot with it.  The form must be matched to serve the function.

A classy Corvette wouldn’t be a good choice in the northern mountains.  Given the likelihood of blizzards and rocky back roads, a four-wheel-drive pickup will suit you better. Sure, they aren’t as classy looking and don’t get good mileage, but they are many times more likely to get you where you need to go.

In a story about elephant hunting, the hunter reported that the tracks he followed were two feet wide.  Think of a large tree, two feet in diameter, thumping down every elephant’s step! That trusty deer rifle wouldn’t do if you’re planning to hunt elephants.  Elephant-hunting merits the biggest caliber you can find.  Sure, that ammunition is very expensive, and your shoulder will remember the kick.  But an elephant at 30 feet dictates a powerful gun.  Form always follows function.

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Apply those two examples to managing a functional society.  What do we mean by a functioning society?  Instinctively, we know what that implies for us.  It works smoothly and allows every individual citizen to pursue his happiness.  These values are expressed in our Declaration of Independence (the sacredness of individual lives and the liberty that allows everyone to fulfill their potential), and the Bill of Rights in the Constitution (matching the laws of nature and of nature’s creator).  A functional society rests on the individual family unit, which is the cornerstone and model of society.  Individuals contribute responsibly what they are able.  We have the “feel” for a functional society because it works.

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