Posted BY: David Zukerman

This grassroots MAGA populist agrees that on January 3, 2023, House Republicans, every single one of them, must be unified behind the MAGA banner.  Reports that House Republicans will oppose Kevin McCarthy for speaker must not lead to a disunited House majority in the 118th Congress.

The anti-McCarthy number stands at four, with the added opposition of Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina.

Consider the success of President Trump’s MAGA program until it was sabotaged by the aggrandizing authoritarians following their false medical prophet, Dr. Fauci, using COVID-19 as a battering ram.  Under President Trump’s MAGA leadership, the economy boomed, gas prices were low, employment was full, the nation was at peace and respected in the capitals of friends and foes alike — and our southern border was secure.  In short, under the leadership of the besieged 45th president, America had become great again.

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House Republicans must, as of the January 3, 2023 convening of the 118th Congress, be united behind the MAGA movement if, by January 20, 2025, our country is to be on track to making America great again.  While not entirely confident that Kevin McCarthy will be any more effective than Newt Gingrich as speaker from 1995 to 1999 — Gingrish was forced out of Congress by Democrat demagoguery — this MAGA Republican is willing to give Mr. McCarthy a chance, provided we realize a favorable result of negotiations between Mr. McCarthy and the GOP House MAGA caucus.

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