Posted BY: Joe Hoft

We’ve learned over the past few weeks with conclusive evidence that the FBI and Twitter colluded to hide the many crimes and perverted relationships on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election.

Last night, Jesse Watters shared his thoughts about Big Tech and FBI collusion on FOX News.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the government’s no longer in it for the little guy.  They’re in it for themselves and it’s been in the works for years.

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President Trump responded to Jesse Watters’s monologue about the Deep State agreeing that the FBI and Twitter did collude to elect Joe Biden.

“The FBI and Twitter COLLUDED to elect Joe Biden.” Jesse Watters. In other words, the 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED & STOLEN. It all began a long time ago, they SPIED on my campaign, and tried to “RIGG” the 2016 Election, but failed. Remember, our government is doing this, not a person or party. What should be done about such a terrible thing, or should we let someone who was elected by cheating and fraud stay in office and continue to destroy our Country?

America is facing tyranny today that our forefathers couldn’t even imagine.  We have criminals running our justice department and putting in place criminals in our political positions.

President Trump is right.  How can we keep a guy who’s destroying America and who cheated to win an election in power? It makes no sense.