March 10 officially ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’

Sick: Two Major Minnesota Cities Announce Holiday Celebrating Abortion

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Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a proclamation on Tuesday announcing March 10 will officially be celebrated as “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.”

The City Council in St. Paul, Minnesota also unanimously voted to honor abortionists on March 10.

The announcements came days after Supreme Court Justices heard arguments in the June Medical Services v. Russo case, which many say could alter abortion laws nationwide.

Frey said the proclamation honors a local abortion provider called Whole Woman’s Health, who had members protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court while the arguments were made.

“Every day, abortion providers like Whole Woman’s Health deliver high-quality care in the face of harassment and threats to abortion access at the federal and local levels,” Frey said. “I’m proud to recognize today as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to celebrate Whole Woman’s Health as an essential part of our community.”

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver was on the scene of the protest outside the Supreme Court last week and talked with some of the abortion advocates.

The footage Weaver captured went viral online as the individuals she encountered celebrated murdering the unborn and one woman even wore earrings portraying an alligator eating an infant.

These are the people Frey is praising.

The Supreme Court’s decision on June Medical Service v. Russo isn’t expected until later in 2020.