Source: guest post by PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative

#6: America experiences a Red Wave in ‘22.

Parker: Chalk this prediction up to a combination of biased optimism and the response to Biden’s damaging presidency. My own personal biases aside, even the Dems are worried about their chances next November – and why shouldn’t they be? Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster of a person, politician, and president. He epitomizes self-service and for fifty years has grifted off the stupid people in Delaware. Just once, instead of Bette Midler attacking West Virginians, why can’t someone point out the obvious: Delaware voters are idiots. The same could be said of Vermont with Bernie and a host of other long-time corrupted fools returning to the halls of Congress. The AOCs and Ilhan Omars get a pass in this case because small districts are gerrymandered, but how do you excuse an entire state or country? Idiots abound. That’s the only lesson to be gleaned on my side rant here.

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Joe Biden, in less than a year, has gone from being the most popular president ever by sheer votes cast to the butt of every joke and chant among a gathering of more than two people. FJB was terrific and LGB will go down in history as one of the most enduring political protests in my lifetime. Even fifty years from now, unless I am thrown in a quarantine camp for being unvaccinated or a labor camp for being a domestic terrorist (not a real one, mind you, but a pretend one that speaks at school board meetings), I will be able to sit down with an old friend to discuss politics and simply have to say “let’s go, Brandon” to connote I am not pleased with the current political affairs. What a gem.

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