Posted BY: Margaret Flavin

Not only are Joe Biden’s policies destroying America, but the entire world is also laughing at us.

Whether it is his bizarre story about a nurse who whispered in his ear and breathed on him, inventing a new language or embarrassing himself at a Black History Month event, Joe Biden’s presidency is riddled with gaffe after gaffe.  There are too many to list.

Recently, presidential physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor said Biden was “fit for duty” following a  routine physical.

Following O’Connor’s verdict, Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi devolved into tears as she struggled to contain her laughter while sharing a montage of some of Biden’s cringeworthy gaffes.

Panahi shares, “Sorry…(laughter)…I’m sorry….no man has ever been better equipped to lead the United States of the United States…and indeed all of the free world than the current Commander in Chief. We’re in good hands folks….oh gosh.”

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