Source: The Independent

The Czech Republic and Slovakia both plan to impose lockdown restrictions on the unjabbed in a bid to drive up covid vaccination rates and follow the example set by Austria.

From Monday, unvaccinated people in the Czech Republic will be banned from public events, bars, and restaurants.

Thousands of people took to the streets in Prague to protest against the new Covid lockdown restrictions.

Meanwhile, Slovakian prime minister Eduard Heger has also announced that services will be limited in Slovakia for anyone who has not been vaccinated against covid.

He said his Cabinet would vote Thursday on recommendations from an advisory group of medical experts. Among the proposals, which would be instituted for three weeks, are the banning of unvaccinated people from non-essential stores, shopping malls, gyms, pools, hotels, and mass public gatherings.

It is expected that Germany will announce similar measures, within days.

The Independent reports: Under surprise new rules announced on Wednesday, unvaccinated Czechs will not be able to attend public events or enter restaurants, pubs, or other services from next week.

The only evidence of completed vaccination or previous Covid-19 infection within the last six months will be accepted, putting an end to the era of mass precautionary Covid testing in the country.

The change will come into effect from Monday after approval by the government tomorrow. Children under 18 will be exempt from the rule, meaning they can still present Covid tests as proof that they are not infectious.

The Czech prime minister, Andrej Babis, claimed the new rules were necessary because “the only solution is vaccination”, as he said that the majority of Covid patients in Czech hospitals were unvaccinated.

The move is bound to be controversial in a country with relatively high levels of vaccine skepticism: less than two-thirds of the Czech population is fully vaccinated.