Posted BY: Keith Risman

Socrates defines individual justice as “What is good for the individual soul.”  He defines justice for the community as “Each person doing their part in a way that others do not interfere with their societal roles.”  Social justice as applied in the United States fails to meet either definition of justice.  Social justice policies have caused massive property destruction, increased crime, increased inequities, and increased racism.  Rather than meeting Socrates’ definition of justice, they embody injustice by their very nature.  These policies cause both individual harms and cripple many of the essential functions of society.    

In 2020, businesses and neighborhoods were looted, burnt, vandalized, and shredded during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots.  Across the country, hundreds of mostly minority communities were torn apart in the name of “social justice.”  Under the claim that the riots were necessary to right past wrongs, the damage stripped communities of resources, and families of incomes, and left neighborhoods abandoned.  Social justice warriors (or rioters, depending on your perspective) claimed that they were protesting on behalf of minorities, yet it was minority communities that were devastated.   

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