Source: oak_tree_upheaval

he’s also a registered sex offender.

seriously there are like 25 different mugshots of this guy from multiple states.

this sort of black criminality where it goes on for years and years yet he keeps getting out on 1k bail to do it again is the sort of #BlackTerrorism Americans face every day.

from his Twitter account

turns out he’s some dirtbag lowlife no-name rapper. another shocker

you can see the car used in the terror attack in the back of one of his black rap music videos

from his Facebook

sure looks like he’s a big fan of BLM/Kaepernick and a bunch of other causes that would indicate an anti-white motive.

the FBI is going to cover this up as a “Criminal fleeing a crime”

these social media posts indicate a racially motivated anti-white terrorist

did @Kaepernick7 extremist anti-white content motivate the terrorist who attacked white people at a Christmas parade today?