Posted BY: Jim Hollingsworth

Someone has made the claim that socialism is being taught in our junior college in our town.  Some officials discounted that possibility and challenged him to “prove it.”

Now, that would be difficult to do.  Socialism is defined in various ways, such as the ownership of the means of production or the control of industry.  But one thing they all seem to have in common is that under socialism, the government does many things that individuals would usually do for themselves, or that would be done by private industry.

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Over the past several decades, we have gotten so used to the government in our lives that we do not even consider that there might be other ways to deal with issues. In our town, our public hospital is the largest industry in the county. Little by little, our hospital has taken over local clinics and some medical offices, such that almost all medical care has some relationship to the hospital, and thus hospital policies. Whatever the hospital requires of its staff and patients, it also requires of the regional clinics. Now this same hospital is going to become a 501(c)(3) organization so that the citizens of our county will have nothing to say about what the hospital does.

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